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Nutcase helmets
Classy bikes for city rides!
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Welcome at ZOEV Store!

COVID-19 update: our showroom store in tervuren is closed due to COVID-19 regulation. However we still offer the possibility to order our products online. ZOEV is a quirky, modern mobility shop with gadgets to upgrade your daily commute.
We like to help you find the best looking & most comfortable helmet for you or one for the kids.
Want to use these helmets on a scooter or bike? You can look for a fun scooter and go for a ride in your neighbourhood.

Want to sit back & order from home and have fast delivery? No worries, you can order safely online!
We are happy to help you!

Rainette reflective items
Reflective items!
Be seen, be safe during your bike rides!
Crane Bike Bells
Ding ding with Crane
Never on the road without a bell!
Buy Restrap bag
Start your bikepacking holiday here
These handmade cycle bags are elegant and durable!

Quality brands at ZOEV Store!

We only work with carefully selected brands! That's why we choose these high-end products that were created from a durable point of view.
Not only are you doing a great job scooting and biking around, you can do it for a long time buying at ZOEV!
All our brands have an excellent after-sales-service and we take care of the repairs in the heart of Belgium in Tervuren!
That's why you can find a wide range of the funny Nutcase helmets, the (non-) electric scooters by Micro Mobility,
lightweight Tokyobike and the handmade bikepacking bags by Restrap.
Looking for a bike accessory? We have bike bells by Crane, locks from Abus and lights from Knog!
Don't hesitate to contact us with more questions!
We love helping you combining pleasure and functional in your daily movement!