Happy you are looking for ways to upgrade your mobility!

Looking for a helmet to match that bike?

As we are all kind of nutty, we adore the helmets by Nutcase! The fit is amazing, you have 3 different pads to put inside your helmet & the designs are so original!
No worries, you can also find the more subtle 1 colour helmets.

Why scooting is an option for you!

Getting the kids to school, going to work, meeting up with friends, going to the grocery store. Life is fully packed! Why not make it a bit more fun during the day?
Scooting is 5 times faster than walking and burns a lot of calories! Looks like you can cancel going to the gym in your to-do list!

Elegant, lightweight, unique. Tokyobike is wat you need!

Cruising slowly in the city of Tokyo is why a Tokyobike is made. It's not about how fast you go, but about biking in a city on a classy bike that is very light. Go out and discover parts of your city you didn't know existed!

Use that e-nergy!

Need to go up many hills? Going for long distances? Don't have a shower at work? Then you should consider an e-bike or e-scooter!
At ZOEV, we only offer you the lightweight options! Cause life is too short to carry around heavy things!

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