Tokyobike City Bikes


Tokyobike was founded in 2002 in Yanaka, a district in Tokyo that perfectly represents what the Tokyobike concept is built on: Slow Tokyo. Yanaka is a place where people go to escape from the hectic city life. Tokyobike acknowledged that people in Tokyo used to have a slow life - one that is in contrast to the systems and efficiencies we find in our modern cities. Tokyobike sets out to recapture that spirit of slow Tokyo in which the home-office commute is a almost relaxing!

In 2021, Tokyobike won the Good Design Award. An award for honouring designs that will become the cornerstone of living and society and that are desired to continue to play the role in the future and designs with the power to continue to be a standard beyond value that changes with the times.

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