Can't start soon enough!

An easy start with Micro Mobility

Young kids learn a lot in their first years, why not perfect their ability to deal with balance? Starting from the very beginning with a scooters that includes a seat, your baby already builds confidence for later use of a scooter and a bike, while having a lot of fun!

Bending your body to give direction

Using a 3-wheeled scooter by Micro, whether it's a Mini Micro 2Go or a 3in1, kids will learn to steer in the right direction by moving their body weight sideways. This unique lean-and-steer mechanism is what creates balance and coordination from the start!

Baby helmets are safe and fun

Nutcase has many beautiful and lightweight helmets that start for babies around the age of 9 months. The soft materials, ventilation holes and the magnetic 'no pinch'-buckle makes it a perfectly comfortable helmet for babies and toddlers. The extended and flat back part makes it super convenient for babies riding in trailers and bike seats.

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