Having fun while learning a lot!

Moving from left to right to keep going straight!

Using a 3-wheeled scooter by Micro, is not only a fun way to use a scooter that feels like a surfboard, but allows you to be sporty and play outdoors while enjoying yourself with friends!
Going to school has never been this much fun!

Using a balance bike makes training wheels unnecessary!

Learning how to ride a bike can be quite an effort and training wheels aren't a great solution for children learning to control their balance. Using a balance bike from 2 years old,
kids will later quickly feel comfortable on a regular bike! We offer some really elegant bikes by Tokyobike that are fit for children from 4-7 years old.

Protect your head, you Nutcase!

You like to scoot around like crazy? Make high jumps with your skateboard? Or mountainbike in the woods? Maybe it's time to get a fun helmet that protects your head in case you fall, which you probably will...
Going for a Nutcase, you receive 3 different sizes of inside padding so you can adjust it to your growing brain!

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